About Algae Reefs

Basic information

Algae literally are formed by rocks and reefs,and their structure is calcified remains,and it’s formed by the death of large algae that grow in lakes or freshwater, over thousands of years. After gluing and mineralization, a reef containing calcium carbonate is formed. The process of forming algal reefs not only requires long-term evolution, but also requires suitable macro-botanic algae to form algal reef ecology. Most of the algal reefs found in Taoyuan are composed of nostalgic coral algae and cacti algae of the red algae phylum.

How it formed

The earliest forming history of algal reefs in Taoyuan is about 7500 years. As we known the lime algae, which can form algal reefs by fixing them on the cell walls of large reefs, and the algal reefs are only growing  about 1 centimeter long in 10 to 20 years on average.

(updated2021/3/29) Taoyuan’s algae reefs (updated2021/3/29)

Where it grows

Taoyuan algal reefs are distributed from Zhuwei Fishing Port in Dayuan District in the north to Yongan Fishing Harbor in Xinwu District in the south, with a length of about 27 kilometers. They are divided into Sharon algal reef, Xiaogang algal reef, Chaoyin algal reef, forest, grass and Luo algal reef, Baiyu algae reef, Titan algae reef, Guanxin algae reef.

第三天然氣接收站藻礁悲歌 喀報
Current Algae reefs situation in Taiwan. (2021/3/1 updated )


Coralline algae in Marine ecosystem play a key role, it is not only a primary producer but also an important reef-building organism. On the other hand, the aging algae will become part of the reef structure, it supplies a critical habitat for macro seaweed and the mollusk in the ocean. Calcification and photosynthesis which will form calcium carbonate deposits. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide which is released by calcification will be used for the carbon sequestration cycle in photosynthesis. Therefore, algae growing can reduce the acidification of seawater and maintain the functioning of marine ecosystems. While growing, the living coralline algae will cling to the aged calcified algae, which can protect the algae reefs that have formed. It has the ability to reduce sea waves, the algal reef coasts also have two ecosystems including reef creatures and sandy beach communities, it’s important for biodiversity, people can see a lot of protected species. The numbers of hermit crabs are up to tens of millions. The research also shows that this place is the nursery place for sharks.

Creatures that live inside the algae reefs